Assesing seismic risk at different geographical scales: Concepts, tools, and procedures. Proceedings of the Eleventh European Conference on Earthquake Engineering. Paris. Francia. 6-11 de Septiembre de 1998. ISBN 90 5410 982 3.


Zonno G., F. Cella, L. Luzi, S. Menoni, F. Meroni, G. Ober, F. Pergalani, V. Petrini & R. Tomasoni, P. Carrara & D. Musella, M. Garcia-Fernandez & M. J. Jimenez, J. A. Canas Torres, A. J. Alfaro, A. H. Barbat, U. Mena & L. G. Pujades, R. Soeters & M. T. J. Terlien, A. Cherubini, P. Angeletti, A. Di Benedetto & M. Caleffi, J. J. Wagner & P. Rosset 1998

This paper reports the main results of the EC-Project SERGISAI. This project developed a computer prototype where a methodology for seismic risk assessment has been implemented. Standard codes, Geographic Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence Techniques compose the prototype, that will enable the end user to carry out a proper seismic risk assessment. This prototype is a first attempt to integrate tools, codes, methods for assessing the expected damage and is meant to become a useful support both for civil protection and for land use planning agencies.
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