Análisis de la amenaza sísmica y de la magnitud representativa para Bogotá. Ingeniería y Universidad. Bogotá, v.7, n.2, p.133 - 149, 2003.


Caneva, A., Salcedo, E., Van Hissenhoven, R., A. Alfaro. 2003

In this paper the results of the seismic regional hazard analysis for Bogotá and their influence in the local seismic hazard for the Javeriana University Campus are presented. The research includes update of seismological data and the analysis of the state-of-the-art of the seismological database. This includes 34920 seismic records; after a depuration process, only 7539 events were useful, which were used to estimate the maximum probable magnitude and peak ground acceleration likely to occur in a 475 year interval.
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