Contenidos frecuenciales de sismos colombianos registrados en BOCO (Bogotá) y en SDV (Santo Domingo, Venezuela)(1994-1996). Ingeniería y Universidad. Bogota: , v.7, n.1, p.19 - 31, 2003.


Arevalo, N., Caycedo Amado, I.T., Van Hissenhoven,S.J., R. A. Alfaro, 2003

BOCO station was operated by the Instituto Geofisico de los Andes Colombianos as a part of two projects: the Seismic Research Observatory SRO (1978 to 1987) and the Global Seismograph Network-GSN (1994 to 1998). SDV station is operated by Funvisis on GSN since August 1994. Earthquakes with magnitude mb greater than 3.0 were analyzed, the corner frecuency, fc, and the maximum frecuency fm, for four seismogenetics sources were estimated: Guaicaramo faults system (4.3mb4.9), Swarm of Bucaramanga (4.0mb5.4), Romeral faults system (3.9mb6.7) and Atrato faults system (3.8mb6.4) in the time interval of 1994 to 1996.
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