Comparison of numerical simulation and microtremor measurement for the analysis of site effects in the city of Barcelona, Spain. Proceedings of the Eleventh European Conference on Earthquake Engineering. Paris. Francia. 6-11 de Septiembre de 1998. ISBN 90 5410 982 3


Goula X., Susagna T. , Figueras S, Cid J., Alfaro A. y Barchiesi A. 1998

Barcelona is spread over several geological units: Paleozoic and Tertiary materials outcrops with Pleistocene and Holocene deposits placed over them. Each one of these units is characterised by significantly different geotechnical parameters. An accurate geotechnical study has been carried out with the estimation of the dynamic properties of the subsoil in the zone. Two different techniques have been applied to evaluate the potential seismic site effects. The results of a simulated transfer functions using a unidimensional linear-equivalent method have been compared with the predominant frequency of the Nak
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